Sara Dumich

2017 Races:

  • Steelhead 70.3
  • Chicago Triathlon

My Weekly Training

I usually train between 15-20 hours per week including swimming 3x/week, biking 4-5 days per week, running 5-6 days per week with some strength training in there too. During training days, I take AltRed 2 hours before a training session and for long workouts over 2 hours I take one at the start of the workout and sometimes one during the workout as well. On race days I take one AltRed 2 hours prior to the race start and at least one at the start of the race.

Why is the PhytoRebellion Important to Me?

I joined the PhytoRebellion initially because after using AltRed just one time I noticed a different in my performance – I had more energy, ran faster and felt less fatigue that I normally did on a long run. I love that it is has no sugar and is nitrite free and just a single active ingredient. It is so important as athletes to know what we are putting in our bodies to make sure that it is safe and legal, and with AltRed I know exactly what I am taking and feel good about taking it, not to mention that I feel great when I take it!