Kevin Kinik Jr.

2017 Races:

  • West Virgina Spartan Race Trifecta
  • Crooked Road 24 Hour
  • Devil Dog 100 Miler

My Weekly Training

My weekly training regiment is running 50-100 miles per week, swimming at least a 10k per week, and circuit training. I want to be an all around endurance athlete. I train for Cross Country events for college, I train for Spartan Races, and Ultra events. I soon plan on training for an Iron Man. I want to do the hardest events I can find. I always follow the directions while taking AltRed, it seems to work the best for me and has improved my performance overall.

Why is the PhytoRebellion Important to Me?

PhytoRebellion is important to me because I am 18 and this plant-based supplement has helped me more than any other supplement I have taken throughout my racing career so far. I may not be the best, but being a PhytoRebel has helped beyond what I ever thought it would. I phyt clean because this is an affordable amazing supplement and has it helped me prepare for some of the hardest races of my life. I never plan to stop taking plant-based supplements.