Christian Blake

2017 Races:

  • Mass State Tri (Olympic)
  • IronMan 70.3 (Half)

My Weekly Training

My weekly schedule is anything but a schedule.. like most people I work 8-5 so it is a lot of early morning and late afternoon exercise. I usually try to swim mornings in the pool at least twice a week and maybe an open water swim on the weekend. I typically run 2-3 hours a week split between mornings and nights. I usually ride my bike to work once or twice a week about 30 miles each way and then do a longer ride on the weekend. That’s the bulk of it with stair climbs and weight lifting thrown in sporadically.

Why is the PhytoRebellion Important to Me?

I’ve always been someone who is very conscientious of what exactly I am feeding into my body. With other supplements and even some proteins there is that lingering question of what IS actually in here? AltRed doesn’t have that questionable list on the back of the bottle it has ONE active ingredient derived from beets!! I mean really..!