Bill Brumbach

2017 Races:

Spartan Race Monterey, CA; June 2017.
Spartan Race Asheville, NC; July 2017.
Spartan Race US Championship Glen Jean, WV; August 2017.
Spartan Race World Championships Lake Tahoe, CA; September 2017.
OCR World Championships Toronto Canada; October 2017.

My Weekly Training

I train 10-20 hours of structured training provided by two elite level coaches.

Why is the PhytoRebellion Important to Me?

I phyt clean because I know my nutrition and recovery has to be on point in order to compete at the best of my ability on race day. The more emphasis I put onto my nutrition and recovery, the more intense workouts I can log during my training, which will ultimately benefit me in beating my competition.
I make sure that I only put the finest of fuel in my body so I can perform at the highest level possible!