From Farm to Finish

Seven generations of family farming meet cutting edge performance science

Our Team

Jeff Van Drunen - Founder

Sur™ is a small company with a big goal: To create clean but powerful plant-based supplements that we can scientifically demonstrate actually improve athletic performance.  My family has been discovering, researching and developing ingredients sourced from nature to improve human health for decades.  After years of research, Sur is now releasing its first product: AltRed™. After using the product myself for years, sharing it with my cycling friends, and confirming with scientific proof that it also works for others, I couldn’t be more excited to bring this discovery to athletes everywhere.

Sur™ is built on the shared experiences of my family’s seven generations of farmers.  Sharing natural products with the community is a family passion; I followed in my father’s footsteps and started farming in the early 1980s It wasn’t long before I began investigating how phytonutrients (natural chemicals found in plants) could support my athletic pursuits of hiking and cycling. I knew that a clean, plant-based product from a farm just like my own could be the answer.  Sur grew from these agricultural roots, and my love of cycling, to pioneer plant-based athletic supplements.  Our products are based on ingredients sourced from nature, are certified for use in sport, and are supported by real world science published for all to see.

The physiological benefits from plant-based supplements are enormous, and mostly untapped.  That is why we started Sur.  We want to celebrate athletes who are focused on the purity of sport, share our ethos of clean performance, and want to push and redefine their limits naturally.  This is my vision for what I call “The PhytoRebellion”; I invite each of you to join and become a PhytoRebel!

Thank you for joining us in this new venture. Our independent family-owned business appreciates your support as we work to help all athletes unleash their full potential.

Jeff Van Drunen

Jacki Cronin - Event and Marketing Specialist

At 17, I ran my first marathon and qualified for the 2013 Boston marathon. After Boston and for the next 3 years, I struggled with overuse injuries and got into cycling in 2014. That’s when I met Sur™ company founder Jeff Van Drunen on a bike ride and started training with Betalains Unleashed™. As I eased back into running and got the hang of cycling I decided to sign up for my first triathlon (a full Ironman). Since that race in 2015, while training regularly with AltRed, I’ve continued to see huge improvements. In September 2016, I won my age group at Ironman Wisconsin, and qualified for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Travis Johnson - Product Manager

My story starts with a road trip out west that changed my life. I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, climbed to the top of Yosemite, surfed, and rediscovered my love for being active! The day I got back into town a friend asked me to join their Half Ironman training group. I had no idea what a triathlon was, but coming off the high of my western adventure, I said YES!

Now, two years later, I’ve completed an Ironman, discovered a love for nutrition, landed my dream job (this one), and made a lot of amazing friends along the way. In college I knew I wanted to work in an industry that I was passionate about, and little did I know it would be so vital to my lifestyle and personal accomplishments.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of an amazing journey to launch the Sur brand and introduce athletes like me to AltRed™. Most importantly, I get to help athletes reach their full potential in a clean and healthy way. I couldn’t be more excited!

Our Town

Momence, Illinois

The town of Momence, Illinois is a friendly community of 3,300 residents tucked along the Kankakee River. The Van Drunen family has been farming in central Illinois for over a century. The Van Drunens farm 1500 acres in Illinois and have always been on the cutting edge of organic farming. Sharing natural products from a trusted source has always been their priority. That’s why it’s important to Sur™ that our products also stem from a natural place—the earth. We are incredibly proud of our roots.

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