AltRed has a “30 Day” money back guarantee.  That means AltRed comes with a performance guarantee. If you take AltRed for 30 days and do not notice or perceive any performance improvement, and have proof of purchase, we will fully refund your purchase.
No! Betalain in beets are attached to sugars and other plant macro-molecules that prevent them from being “unleashed” in your body. Through a patented process, we isolate and concentrate the betalain. AltRed contains a form of betalain that you cannot get from beets, beet juice, or beet powders.
  • Two gold-standard clinical studies have been conducted that prove positive effects for endurance athletes taking AltRed.
  • A double-blind crossover study conducted by UC Davis showed that runners performed an average of :42 seconds faster in a 5k time trial when using AltRed.
  • Another double-blind crossover study conducted by UC Davis showed that triathletes performed :45 seconds faster in a 5K “recovery” time trial performed twenty-four (24) hours after a 10K time trial when using AltRed.
  • Check out more research here: PhytoScience.
  • We continue to do research and AltRed and will be publishing more studies soon, including a new study conducted by the University of Auburn focused on cyclists!
Check out our How to Take it page
AltRed works when taken before and during activities. The best way to feel and see AltRed’s benefits is to push your limits! Speed and endurance: Pay attention to pace, watts, distance and exertion during long or interval activities. Performance limits: Take note of your recovery time, time between intervals, heart rate, rate of breathing, and feelings of fatigue the day after training or competing.
AltRed contains no sugars or nitrates.
AltRed peaks, and becomes most effective, approximately 2 hours after ingestion.
In the UC Davis studies, athletes supplemented with AltRed 6 days prior to testing day. We recommend consistent daily use.
Each bottle contains 30 pills. We recommend taking one pill every day, including rest days, and additional pills every two hours during longer activities.
We recommend you take AltRed before each workout.
Check out the How to take Page for more details. If you still have questions email us at altred@sur.co
AltRed can be taken on a full or empty stomach 2 hours before activity.
Like a simple vitamin, any excess AltRed™ will exit the body un-utilized. There is very little benefit to taking more than one capsule at a time.
NO, AltRed is not a source of plant nitrates.
Yes, we extract our ingredients from GMO-free beet puree.

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